Thursday, June 2, 2011

{friday favorites} summer love.


How I love that word! Tons of things come to mind when I hear the word "Summer." Long evenings spent at the park in the sunset. Glasses of iced tea, and painted toe nails. No school, late nights, late mornings. Farmers markets, swimming pools, sandals, and sun tans.

But here are just a few of my very favorite things about Summer...

Dear Flip-flops, I love you.

Arizona Iced Tea.
2 for 1 sale makes a happy, happy girl.

Big huge watermelons.
Yes, please.

Throwing out school papers.
Throwing away all of those no longer needed papers for school, and cleaning out my notebooks, makes me excited.

Raspberry lemonade.
Lemonade + Raspberries + Ice = lovely raspberry lemonade made by my grandma. {That right there, is math that I can do!}

Going to the park.
In the warm weather. With friends. And a camera.

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