Sunday, June 12, 2011

in which i become extremely excited.

I feel a need to state the obvious; I am again, very excited.

And yes, I know. Excitement happens to me a lot. I'm not sure why, but I suppose I tend to get more wound up about things then your average Joe. Except I'm not even a Joe, or a guy, so really that statement doesn't even apply to me. {Well one of my middle names is Jo, but that doesn't count.} Ok, well now that we have that out of the way, I suppose now is as good a time as any to tell y'all exactly why I'm so very excited.

I'm going to Missouri!

My grandparents are traveling up there for a funeral, which is definitely not a good reason to have to travel somewhere. But, they're taking me with them, and we're going to visit some family members that I haven't seen since I was about 2. {I think I may have changed a little since then...possibly.} Hopefully, we'll be going swimming, and do some other things while we're there. I just found out that we are going this afternoon, and we're leaving Tuesday morning, so tomorrow I'll be packing, and packing...and packing some more! I'm very excited {there I go saying that again} and I know that spending time with my grandparents will be absolutely lovely, and I love traveling! {Long car rides with your ipod, a good book, and an iced tea are pretty amazing too!}

Anyway, as I'll be gone for a number of days, and I don't think that I'll have Internet connection, the lovely Natalia, from {The Journal Of} Natalia Rose, has agreed to write up a guest post while I'm gone! I'm so excited to see what she posts, and I know all of you will love it too! {Thank you so much for being willing to do this for me, Natalia!}

I'll see you in a bit, my lovelies, with a bunch of pictures and lots to tell! Have a lovely week while I'm gone, and be sure to look for Natalia's post!