Saturday, June 4, 2011


a new blog design.
I thought it was time for a change, and so Frills has a new look to it! Instead of having lots of little pictures in the header, I decided to just use one. I quite like it! I thought that having my title spelled out in scrabble pieces was a lot of fun, but I think the picture could use a bit of tweaking. However, I love it just the same. How do y'all feel about the new header? {EDIT- Well, I looked at my heading for a little bit longer I decided to just go back to my original. Sorry for being so indecisive but I really just felt like my old one was more "me." I might change it up again, but for now I think I'm just going to stay with my old header.}

because the sun was shining.
I took Moriah Mei outside this morning and we sat on a blanket and soaked up the amazing sunlight. It was so nice to be outside in the beautiful weather, enjoying God's creation which surrounded us. Oh, how I love Summer! There was a slight but oh-so subtle breeze, and the sun slight just made everything glisten. A few butterflies flew past, and we just sat there enjoying every little second of it. Moriah colored in some of her coloring books, while I amused myself by taking pictures. Moriah decided that she also had to "read" me a few books. I agreed.

While I'm here telling you all about my Summer, I think it's time I confess something.
...I ate ice cream in my bed.
And I'm not going to lie, it. was. good. Coffee ice cream + chocolate on top = a very happy, but slightly guilty girl. It was worth it. Every bite of it.

this is going to be embarrassing.

Well, I've kept my promise! I did my first video blog (vlog). It was so fun to film, but then I sat down and watched it and realized how very stupid I actually looked. Never the less, I'm going to let you lovelies see it anyways, because I don't think it will get much better. When you watch it, I'm sure you'll agree- I'm just not made to make videos, but practice makes perfect, right? :)
Ugh, are you still alive after watching that? Horrific. I'm sorry you had to sit through that.

I know I've said this about a million times, but I really feel the need to say it again. I want to meet this little man so badly. I can't wait to see this precious little boy in person. The wait is getting hard, but I know it's worth it.

And because it makes me happy.
I had to share this picture of our grass. Green, tall, and lush. One of my Summer loves for sure.
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