Monday, August 30, 2010

new name...the story

Hello, my faithful readers! How are you today?
I have been working on yes, you guessed it, the blog! I'm sure you noticed that the name at the top is definitely not the same. Don't worry, you're in the right place! It's just different!
I felt like the name "Finding the Fabulous in Life" is not me. Yes, I absolutely love the word fabulous, and I do like to enjoy the little things in life. But the name's not right. Positively not right. I suppose you could say it was a "filler". Not the name I had always pictured my blog being graced with. It seems too full of heaviness. Too long, too much. It's just not right.

Frills. When I hear that word I think, flowery, lacy, girly, lovely...And that's why I've named my blog, frills. It seems fresh, more to the point it, seems so full of life. Full of fun, smiles, vivid-ness, it's frilly. I don't know how one word can possibly communicate so very much, but it absolutely can! And frills, does indeed to that! I want to focus on enjoying little things in life, finding the common and everyday things, and enjoying them. I want to in a sense start afresh. Which sounds odd, seeing as I just started this little blog. I want to focus on the everyday. The fun I had at the park with my little sister, or the music that lifted through the speakers of my computer as I was studying today. It sounds trivial and some could say stupid. But it's not. Being thankful for the little things can be so fun, so uplifting.

Frills, although one little tiny word, tells a story. It's simpler. But it's much more complex.

It's still my blog, I'm still Kimberly. And it's still my ramblings on, but it's at the same exact moment, so much more. I know life is not always frilly, and neither is it fun, but that is why I want to love and enjoy the parts of life that are exactly that-frilly.

So, I would like to introduce to you, my blog,



Bailey said...

luv it!
sorry I have not been on for awhile!

Aubrey said...

Hey Girl!!
Yup, I think that "Frills" is so you!! I don't know about you, But when I hear frills I think wedding dresses and stuff like that!! =) I also think "Hey, that is so Kimberly!!"
Love you!!
P.S. Sorry I haven't been on for so long!! I'll have to catch up now!!
P.P.S. I love having your songs on shuffle. I didn't know you had "Don't stop believing"!!! I love that song!!

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