Monday, August 9, 2010

my fabulous vacation -part 3

Here's part three!

On one of the nights we were there, they had western night!
There was a lot of fun stuff you could do....

Horse back riding...

Face painting...

This weird {but fun} green thing, where you run around in circles in...
Square dancing...
Root beer floats
Pop corn
A mella drama put on by the Horn Creek staff
And a lot of laughter and fun! And by the way, have you ever been square dancing? It's actually quite fun! I was beyond horrible at it, and probably embarrassed myself for eternity, but it ended up being a blast!

Of course even when we're away from home, the boys always seem to find some sort of either gross or semi-interesting creature. This time, they managed to find frogs. One of their friends had gone fishing that day, and brought each of the boys a frog...which was so sweet of him, but ew. There were lots of them. And they were green. And slimy. And...well, they were frogs...need I say more? =)

There were basketball tournaments...

A horse shoe Tournament...
Tether ball...

Pancake toss breakfast. They actually tossed you your pancake and you had to catch it on your plate!

Water Slides
Swimming pools
White water rafting
A hot tub
A gym
A climbing wall
Game room
A gift shop
A snack Bar...

And much more!

And of course even with all of those fun things we did, there was a lot lot lot of time to just spend with friends.

I don't think I've ever had so much fun all in one week. It was absolutely positively amazing. I am so thankful to have been able to spend this week at Horn Creek. I felt like I learned so much. It was unbelievably wonderful. I spent time with friends, learned so much more about Jesus Christ, had {awesome} food, and had the best time of my life! I can not wait until next year! I'm already excited for it!!

It was wonderful. Simply wonderful.

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Aubrey said...

Wow, I didn't comment on parts 1 and 2, but they were great, too. Unfortunately, you coulnd't even capture everything in about a million pictures. But, considering how much someone can do with a camera, you did it all!! Speaking of how you did it all, my parents brought a camera, but, let's just say they didn't, um, do it all. . . .Could you send me some pictures?? I really want to do a ton of scrapbooking about that trip!!

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