Friday, August 6, 2010

my fabulous vacation -Part 2

{In the car, on the way to Horn Creek}

Here is part 2 of our trip!


We got to go to this small town rodeo, and it was so so much fun. Friends. People getting thrown off of bulls. Plaid shirts every where you look. Horses, which minus the smell are great. Pop corn. Nachos. You can't get much better then that!
Lovely mountains...every where you look!

Wooohooooo! Almost there!

We had so, so, so, so, much fun at Horn Creek! It was amazing. I felt like I learned so much. The speaker, Rut Ethridge, was out standing. My class' teacher, was so much fun! Alissa is a college student and she did a fabulous job. Our class had devotions every night together before lights out, and each night someone came and shared their testimony. I can't tell you how encouraged and uplifted I was after devotions every night. It was really inspiring to hear each testimony...and I am so thankful I was able to hear them. I really pray that everything I learned over that week, really sinks deep in my heart. It was so amazing. The best week of my entire life!
Decker....every one's best friend!

Hanging log. In the lodge, they hung this huge log from the ceiling, and had two people come and sit on it. You hit each other with pillows, and your feet can't touch the floor. It was so funny to watch everyone! Although, needless to say, I was not one of the ones to do it. No thank you, I'll just watch!! It was hilarious!

Yeah Heidi and Tava!

On our 'free day', when we didn't have any classes or lectures, while most went on 9 mile hikes, we went to westcliffe, and had lunch, went to different little shops, and had a blast!
We went to this 'rock store'. And it was pretty cool. They had lots of geodes and minerals and of course lots of amazing rocks. And they were all really cheep! I hot a cute pink necklace, and the boys got nine different minerals. Very fun!

Some fun chairs outside one of the shops
Josiah and a statue, reading the Sears catalog.
Flowers, outside of a shop in a window box

An old theater

(I'll get part three up as soon as I can!!)


Bailey said...

Again you got great pix!
that one of me and myra. . .totally capture the feeling!
good times.....
luv ya!

Kimberly said...

LOL! I love that 1! U r so cute!

Good times 4 sure!

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