Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my fabulous vacation -Part 1

{In the car, on the way to the lake}

Hello! So, did you all survive with out me? I'm sure you did...at least I hope so! No, just kidding. I know I was gone longer from the blogging world then I said I was going to be, and I am SO sorry! Life is just really busy at the moment. But I'm here now. And here's a glimpse at our amazing vacation!

Here's Lake George. It was amazing. I literally gasped as we were driving up. To some, it may not look like anything at all, just a bunch of water in a hole. But it was just. wow. Pictures can't even describe it. All I could do was look around me. And try to take it all in. All the while just thanking God for his creation. The beauty of it all. Wow.

Here's the cute little bait shop we went to. Minus the worms and the gross little fish eggs, it was a pretty cute little place.

The inside of the cabin we stayed in. Very small but adorable. It had one bathroom two bedrooms, a kitchen, a table, a fire place, a couch. It was so cute!

The view from one of the windows. It had a huge deck. It was wonderful.

Here's Caleb and I, waiting for a fish!
Here's one of my {three} fish! I had a lot of fun, but at the same time it really grossed me out to see this poor little fish stuck on this hook. But I had a lot of fun!
Reeling 'em in!

Another fish!
And because I love all of you, I am posting this embarrassing picture of me grossing out. Seriously, I got so grossed out I started crying!





thrillingly beautiful, remarkable, astonishing, exciting

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Bailey said...

you got some great pix!
i soo glad you had a great time!
luv ya!

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