Wednesday, July 14, 2010

tomorrow, tomorrow, you're always a day away!!!

Tomorrow, I will be on my way to....
This Gorgeous place!

Doesn't it look gorgeous? I've never been there before, but my dad has. It's a cabin by lake George! I am so so so so excited!!! We're going to go with some friends, the pastor from the church we went to when we lived in Hawaii, and his wonderful wife. I seriously can. Not. Wait.

My dad, even bought me my very own fishing pole! Because he fly fishes, he figured I needed to at least catch a fish! And IT'S PINK! I totally totally totally am NOT an outdoorsy person. I really am not, but I think I will survive! =) No, I know I will! With my white floppy hat on my head, my beach bag full of romance novels in my hand, an extra coat of lip gloss, AND a pink fishing pole? I. Am. Set.

On Saturday morning, we'll eave the cabin and go to HORN CREEK!!!
Our {awesome} church has a family camp there every year. Most of my friends have gone there for years and years, but this will be our very first time. And, from what everyone says, it's sure to be a blast!!!

We're going to be gone for 10 days. 10 glorious days! I could not be more excited!! Oh and I promise to tell you ALL about it when I get back! =)

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I will be ON MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Aubrey said...

Hey Kim!!
I can't wait for Horn Creek either. I'm already packed!!! When do you (or did you) go to the cabin?? If you're there already, I hope you're having a great time. If not, I hope you will have a great time!!
Luv ya!!

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