Monday, February 20, 2012

together at last

I'm writing this as I hear the chatter of two little Chinese boys in the background. I'm not sure what they're saying, but one thing I have learned today is that laughter sounds the same in any language. I woke up this morning with the realization that today was it. As we got ready for the day, and tried to eat breakfast, there was only one thing on our minds which was of course the boys. In less then two hours we would be meeting our brothers and sons. I found myself fighting back tears on the buss ride to the place we would meet them. I felt so overwhelmed and so nervous. We got closer and closer and finally, as we were pulling into the drive way we spotted one young boy. Joshua.

I think our whole family shouted "That's Joshua!" at once, and then proceeded to melt into rivers of tears. The tears came on quickly, yet I tried in vain to pull myself together before actually meeting him so I wouldn't scare him. Seeing Joshua walking into the building with tears streaming down his own face sent a flood wave over me, and I realized that yes, this is real. He was wiping tears from his eyes, trying to appear strong. His nanny who brought him had his backpack and together they were sitting on a bench, looking through an album of photos as we walked in the door.

Just as we spotted him and began walking towards him, another little boy caught our eye. Isaac. He was standing by the door, smiling, and walked towards us. Isaac had the sweetest look on his face and quickly we snapped picture after picture as we were introduced to the two new members of our family. Our eyes were filled with tears and we hugged them and said hello. Joshua didn't want to talk to us or look at us, and wanted to only sit with his nanny and grieve. I could not even begin to imagine what kinds of things were going through his little head. This was it, this was his family that he'd been wishing to have for nine years.

Isaac was happy and motoring around the building, sucking on a lollipop and enjoying himself. After his nannies had to leave, he started to cry. My heart broke into a million pieces for him as well as Joshua as they were grieving the loss of everything they had ever known.

While it was the most emotional hour or two of my entire life, it was also the sweetest. I stood in this room, where I had just met my new brothers, and where other families were also coming together. Here in this room, God had brought together these people that had been without each other for so long. In this room, people became parents. Children became brothers and sisters. And people who never have meet each other before became families. It was beautiful.

Today we have been through tears and laughter. It's been hard, but it's been wonderful. I will never be able to express how much love and gratitude has filled my heart today. I look at these two boys and they are truly miracles. From the beginning of time, God planned them to be in our family. From the day when we first saw their pictures to the day we got on the plane, and now, when we have them in our arms, each of these times, God has brought us through it. Today I witnessed something I will never forget. This was truly and really the best day of my life. I watched today as God worked and brought these two boys to us, and seeing this all happen is something I will never be able to put into words. It was surreal, it was overwhelming, it was sad, but it was real, it was amazing, it was happy, it was beautiful. Now, as they are in bed falling asleep, Joshua is humming a Chinese song. I can't believe they are really here. I got to hug them and hold their hands and tell them I love them.

I am so thankful--for today, for this whole experience, for these boys, but most for a Savior who truly does watch over us, protect us, and love us. Today was such an amazing example of this, I was really amazing to see God at work in our lives and the lives of these boys. I could never think of a more perfect example of God's love and provision then the one I witnessed today.

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