Tuesday, June 29, 2010

josiah- the 2,920th day of his life...other wise known as his 8th B-day!

Josiah's b-day, was an extremely amazing day! We started the day off with presents from Moriah, Caleb, and I. I'm pretty sure he liked them...See his face?

And, after seeing that he was the owner of a hex bug set, he proceeded to jump around the house...

Wow, there's some excitement for ya! =) Then, after he opened the presents from us, and ate breakfast...it was time to get ready for his little party! He wanted to have some of our neighbor friends over for lunch and some games, then he wanted to go see toy story three with grandma and grandpa and of course, the rest of us.

For lunch, he wanted to have hot dogs, mac and cheese, watermelon, chips, ice cream and brownies. Here he is being bored before our friends got here!

Here's the table all ready for the par-tay!

Look who's here! Ready for a party guys?

Time for lunch!

Presents from friends...More hex bugs!

Brownies and ice cream!

Musical chairs! They all landed up in the same one!

After dad got home from work, we went to go see....
It was such a good movie!!

Then we went to grandma and grandpa's house so Josiah could open presents form grandma and grandpa and mom and dad
More hex bugs, his very own mug, an awesome flashlight, lego stickers, a wallet...and more!

What a fun day! Happy birthday Josiah!