Tuesday, June 8, 2010

long time, no posts! =)

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry I haven't blogged in forever! When I fist started this blog I told my self I was going to blog every single day! And has that happened? Noooooo.
Anyway, soft ball has officially started and I am LOVING it!! Tonight we have our first game of the season. I'm really nervous. Even though I know I really shouldn't be, I am! I keep asking my self, what is there to be nervous about, and I think it's mostly that it's so different then last time I played, which was two years ago. I'm in the higher age division, and there are so many more things you can do and can't do. But I am really excited. I know it'll be absolutely fabulous weather we win or lose!
Well, I have to be going...I promise I will try to update again soon. I've been wanting to take some pictures, and put them up, but I keep forgetting to charge the camera! But I will soon! Promise!

Love you all! I can't wait to see how the game goes tonight!!


Aubrey said...

Hope your softball is going well! I'm totally sure that you are doing awesome!!
~Aubrey =)

Kimberly said...

Thanks Aubs! It was TOTALLY awesome! We didn't win, but we had LOTS, LOTS, LOTS, of fun!! <3 u!

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