Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Lately, I've been totally and completely engrossed in all these fabulous books I've been getting from the library! They are really, really, really, really, really, amazing! I don't even have enough words in my 'vocab' to describe how like, totally enthralled I've been in them! Not kidding you. It's crazy!

My friend, Tori, loaned me two books by Janette Oke, and they were simply fabulous! They were from the Canadian West series. I absolutely have fallen head over heels for her books. They're romances, mostly. But they also Christian, which I love because there's nothing bad in them. She's a really talented writer, and she totally uses her gifts, which is awesome!!!!
Another author who really has a gift is Tracie Peterson. Her books are smiler to Jeanette's....Christian books, with romance!
I've lately really been enjoying romance novels, and it's beyond thrilling to have Christian romances. Really, it's SO nice.

I love books where the author takes time to put you in the persons shoes, so you can imagine you're really there. I know that probably sounds cheesy. Like in movies how they say how books take you different places. But in a sence it's true.

Of course, it could be just me, but I think that sometimes a book can take you away from the stress of life, into the story. The story of someone else. A life that's not your own...a life that's maybe better or worse then yours. But still, even if it is worse then your own, it's different. And I think that a lot of the time different is good. Really good. To 'experience' something you other wise might not. Sometimes, when I walk away from a book after I've finished it, I feel like I've gained some wisdom, maybe just learned a lesson, maybe learned something about myself. But it's so weird how a lot of times a book, even though it's just words on a piece of paper, it can seem like a lot more then that when you read it. A lot of times when I read I find myself in tears over just some simple words, but when they're put together, it can make you really feel like you're there with the characters. It's amazing how words can be more then words...if that makes any sense at all! =)

I'm thankful that God gave us words. And most specifically his word....Now there are some amazing words, right there!

I'm glad I can use words. I think a lot of people have their 'things'. For some it could be acting or sports. And I think my 'thing' is writing. I may not be very good at, but I think it is something I can use, to encourage people, to sort out my feelings, to even possibly make a difference. I may not be wonderful at it. I may not even end up being a writer, but I am thankful I can at least write. So what if no one reads it? I am thankful that I can put words on paper. I'm thankful for pens. For paper. For the chance I have to use those pens and those pieces of paper, to write down words.

Books are so inspiring to me. They make me think. They make my imagination soar. And when I read books that inspire me, it makes me all the more, want to be an author. I know every one has dreams that will probably never come true, but I really hope this dream of mine does. I am so thankful that even though I have so much room for improvement, I have two hands, and a brain that the Lord gave me and I can use those to write. And I feel so blessed that he has given me those things, and I hope one day I will be able to use them for his glory.

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Aubrey said...

Wow, so true! I totally know what you mean; I mean, sometimes i really can relate to what the characters are feeling, and it is cool to be able to really read books that relate to everyone in a special way. I think that the Bible is one such book. Every passage makes one person think about one thing, and someone else another.
~Aubrey =)

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