Thursday, July 14, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday 7.14.11


1. Falling flat on my face and breaking my finger. I'm very graceful, no? {and ouch!}

2. Dropping about half of my ice cream cone onto the very front of my shirt while at the mall with my friend. Have I ever told mentioned I'm a complete klutz?

{stolen from my friend's facebook :)}

3. Trying to fit a 10 page letter to my cousin in one envelope...let's just say it didn't work.

4. While going to check facebook, realizing that the mouse was backwards. (so that's why it wasn't working!)

5. Seeing a man sit down while going down on an escalator. That's one way to tie a shoe.


1. finally setting up a facebook page for my blog! Click here if you'd like to "like" it! ;)

2. packing to go to camp! I'm leaving tomorrow, and couldn't be more excited.


3. finding out that my two brothers in China got to meet each other last Sunday! Love, love love!


4. Huge shopping trips to Old Navy before a trip. Finding a dress made this girl very happy.

5. This picture...

{something else that's awkward? I didn't end up posting this until today, friday! oops!}