Monday, July 25, 2011

just one week, but one amazing one.

I am back from Summer Camp. Back into the real world. I find myself back in the same world I was in before camp but it feels different. I feel renewed. I feel encouraged. I feel ready again to face the real world after a week of living in a world that seems quite different from this one. This last week was completely amazing. Honestly, when I sit down at my desk and try to find words that describe it, I am at a loss to explain it and all the loveliness it held.

The lectures we had each morning where filled with biblical truths, and I found myself with my pencil and paper trying to capture every detail in my notes as the pastor spoke. I sat there every morning during our discussion time and realized how much I was learning and realizing. What an amazing God we serve!

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While I was tired from staying up until midnight, evening after evening, it was such a week of rest. Being around God's people who encourage you in your faith is such a blessing. To be reunited with the friends I met last year who I love so dearly, to meet new people and become such close friends so fast, and to spend time with friends that I have the privilege of seeing every week was absolutely splendid. It makes me look at the marvelous gift God has given me in my friends and sisters in Christ--there are no words that I could use that would truly describe the love and thankfulness I have for them.

There were times when you walked around the camp and all you could hear were the excited bursts of laughter and the screams of children playing together as if they were best friends even though they had just met each other not even five minutes before.

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Spending time with family while walking to the snack shop to buy a soda or talking on the porch of our cabin late into the night listening to the crickets are moments I took mental pictures of to cherish for the rest of my life.

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While we were there, something tragic happened {that I will elaborate on at a later date}. While I sat outside with my bible on my lap and tears streaming down my face, my friends were there for me and my family while we were grieving. Being in the mountains surrounded by God's creation during that time of sadness was such a tremendous blessing.

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At Horn Creek, there is this tiny chapel. Inside of it there are 6 little pews. In the front of it is a cross with nails and a hammer. People nail their prayers and favorite verses onto it. The walls are covered with index cards with people's thoughts and prayers written on them. The windows at the front of the chapel look out over the camp--come cabins, the mountains, and the beautiful blue sky. I went there with a couple of my friends/sisters and we sang psalms, read the bible, prayed, and talked--it was such a beautiful quiet little place and I returned there many times during the week.

As I laid in my bed one night, listening to my dad snoring, I began to just think about how much I love this camp. I said it last year, and I'll say it again, it's one of my favorite places on earth.

There were several times where the city girl in me came out and I wasn't in love with the bugs in the bathroom or the dirt that flew into my nachos during the rodeo thanks to the wild mustangs.

But when you look outside from the window of your cabin you're taken back by the beauty of the tall pine trees, the nest of baby birds right by the rocking chair outside, or the butterflies flying by so gracefully--it takes the breath right from your lungs as you gaze at the Lord's beautiful creation.

The rush of the water over your head as you dove into the pool or the sounds of people talking with each other late into the night are the things that makes this particular week of the year so enjoyable.

Though it was only my second year at this camp, I found myself reliving so many memories. As if going back in time or some how traveling through all the pictures I took the previous year.

I feel as I did last year when I returned from camp- renewed. Rejuvenated. I learned so much in one short week, it would make a person wonder if my head were about to explode.
After the convicting lectures we had faithfully every morning I feel an urge to share with others the gospel. I feel a real need to continue to spend time in God's word. I believe that even though it was only seven days, that I grew immensely in my faith.

I am thankful. For life. For friends. For family. But foremost, I am thankful for Christ and the new life we have been given in Him.


Natalia said...

It's so true -- when you're surrounded by others growing in their own walk with tbe Lord, you feel very revived. I think it's so funny how much we have in common.... while I love the country, I'm still a city girl, so I could sympathize with the unwanted bugs and dirt :)
I loved this post, and I'm so glad you're back! I was starting to miss you and your lovely posts.

Keely*luv2write* said...

This is so true Kim. I love you so much and thank you for encouraging me on my trip to Colorado!!!

Bailey said...

It is so true, it was a beautiful week! I was very sad to see it go: volleyball, basketball, food, fellowship,devotions, accents(!), and most importantly amazing talks by Mr. Quigley! But I cant let it go, I need to review my notes and really think about what we hear and learned...can't wait till next year!
Love you!

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