Sunday, May 15, 2011

{i woke up to...}

...Brand new pictures of our new brother.

Oh. my. goodness. Just look at that sweet little face!

Let's just say that right now that excited, is a huge understatement.

I am loving that everyday that goes by, I'm a day closer to meeting him. One day closer to getting on that plane. One day closer to bring him to his forever home.

Does he know that there is a family half way across the world that is just dieing to meet him? Does he know that God loves him and has always been with him? Does he know that he is loved, by so many people?
There are so many unknowns right now, but one thing I do know, is that God is with him. God has a plan. And even when we might feel like it's a lifetime until we'll get to see his sweet little face in person, we know that God is preparing our hearts for him, and his little heart for us.

I am thankful, so, so thankful that God led us to him, and that soon, he will be here with us.

But, man, being patient is hard. :)

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Liz said...

I'm so exited for you! And hey, a year or so, it's not that long compared to a lifetime full of.. uh.. brother-ness. it'll come soon enogh. I wish I was there when he came though!

LeeAnn said...

What a sweet smile.....he is adorable! Hang in there.....the wait is so hard at times! :)

Rebecca said...

How exciting and Yes! God is and has always and will always be with him. I recently read a book called "God Is For Real" and your post here just made me think of it and it's a really quick, easy read and is so heartwarming and good.

Cedar said...

Congratulations on new pictures of your brother! He looks precious!

Shannon P. said...

Wow!! How exciting!! I'm following your blog now.... I can't wait to hear how things progress!

Rachel said...

How exciting to get new pictures! What a cute boy! Hoping for speedy travel for you!

Jennifer said...

He's such a handsome boy! :) Happy Sunday!

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