Sunday, May 1, 2011


in love.
With this precious little man!
In just a matter of months, I'll get to meet him. The wait is killing me, but I am so excited!

Some of my close friends are coming to the school I go to next year! I am so excited! How awesome will it be to have some of my closest friends there? Very!

Aren't they adorable?! I sure think so.

blown away.
So I made my blog "public!" Now anyone and everyone can see it. Even people in Antarctica. Even people who I don't actually know. Scary, but insanely exciting! Since making it so that anyone can see it, I've gone from getting 4 views, to 110! Y'all! This requires a happy dance! Thank you so much for reading this 'lil blog! Every time I get a comment or a new follower, I get really excited. Just ask my family. They've seen more happy dancing lately then ever before! :)

The weather. is. amazing. Yesterday, we took a break from school, and got subway, went to the park, and took pictures. Perfect day!

lookin' forward.
To wearing Summer things soon! No more long sleeve shirts and scarves for this girl!

So, what's making you happy today?