Monday, October 10, 2011

fall has arrived and i'm quite happy

This last weekend, my cousin invited me to go with her family for her birthday to the mountains. As we drove up the winding roads, and as we got higher and higher up into the sky, the weather became much cooler. We buried ourselves in blankets for the two hour car ride, and entertained ourselves with our cameras and snacks as we watched the world go by from the windows of the car.

We checked into the lodge we were staying in, and then went a bit farther up into the mountains to a quaint little town for lunch. We devoured our lunches, herb bread, and iced tea and then ventured to little shops stopping to window shop here and there.

We spent the afternoon in our lodge, watching tv, talking, and sipping Starbucks as the weather outside grew even more winter-like.

The next morning, the world outside had been covered in a white fluffy snow. The first of the season! It was beautiful and so, so, cold.

We donned boots and sweaters and took a walk outside in the early morning. 

The best part of the weekend was going to town and shopping while it was pouring snow. It was absolutely freezing, and we practically ran to each shop, but it was so worth it.

There were several people who looked at us as if we were crazy to actually be stopping in that kind of weather only to take pictures. But I absolutely love how they turned out, and I know I'm going to treasure the memories from this weekend forever.