Friday, October 14, 2011

blonde hair and blue eyes

This last week, two of my closest friends and I ventured around their neighborhood in hopes of getting a few good pictures. We causally strolled around, stopping at a playground for a few minutes, stopping under a grove of trees, laughing and talking the whole time.

These two sisters have to be two of the most beautiful people I know. They both have long golden hair that blew so softly in the wind, and they share the same bright blue eyes.

The best part about these two is that they're beautiful on the inside too. They're so sweet, so kind and they have such beautiful hearts for the Lord. 

We're rather crazy when we three get together, but I must say that every moment I spend with these girls is absolutely lovely--whether we're talking about things seriously, laughing until we cry, or walking around taking pictures.

They're beautiful, and so, so special. I love them. Very much.