Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Confessions

Random Confession: The chocolates my dad brought home last night are absolutely amazing, amazing, amazing! Don't worry, I haven't eaten the whole box...I've actually only had one, I'm being good. :)

Random Confession: We had CSAP testing this week, and I have to confess that I talked to my friends inbetween tests! Which means that I broke a rule...oops!

Random Confession: I spent all my money on my new ipod touch and a new case for it. And I think I'm in love with it... If you don't have an ipod I would definitely suggest getting one, you won't regret it, ever!

Random Confession: I have a big history test on Tuesday and I haven't started studing for it...not good! :)

Random Confession: Lately, I've been watching the Cosby show every afternoon. You know what the Cosby show is right? It's an old show, so I wouldn't blame you if you didn't! It's completely hilarious! Love, love, love the Cosby Show!

Random Confession: I'm on Facebook way more then I should be...really, I'm quite obsessed. Why did someone invent Facebook, anyways? It's totally amazing, but so time consuming...ugh I love it! :)

Random Confession: I had so much fun baby sitting some neighbors the other night. It was the most fun I had all week...does this mean I need to get out more?

Random Confession: I started a couple new journals recently...I already had my diary which I write in a lot, but I also started a note book where I've been writing about my life in the third person, it's more entertaining then it sounds! I also started a journal where I write notes to my little sister on how to survive life in our crazy family. Hey! One day, I'll move out and she'll have to survive with these people...

Random Confession: Lately, I've been completely, very, into David Archuleta's music. Adore!

Random Confession: I've been praying about applying for a job with Bloom! Magazine. {Click HERE to see their site.} I seems like such a perfect fit for me. It's a Christian magazine for teen girls, and they're taking applications for writers, photographers, etc!! I can't even explain how awesome it would be for me to have my first writing job!! :)

I'l leave you with one of my favorite quotes....

"Anything worth doing, is worth overdoing!"

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Bailey said...

LOL,ur nuts! Hey what happened to the music?!?
luv ya!

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