Tuesday, May 18, 2010

beauty is every where, you just have to look.

Have you ever just stopped and looked around you? Beauty is every where! Seriously! Until about a week ago, I had never really thought of how everything, has beauty in it! Even if at first glance something is annoying or even ugly, if you really look at it, there's so much more to it. SO MUCH MORE. I know how I can get tired of looking at the same things. But the other day, when I was outside, I was looking around and I realized how much I take things for granted. Maybe I sound like I'm being a little over dramatic when I say everything has beauty, but if you really think about all the things we see everyday and how we just pass them by with out even thinking of how amazing or maybe even strange or creative they are. Everything God made in creation is simply amazing. The imagination put into everything in Nature is astounding. And to think God made it by the word of his mouth is even more amazing. How do the flowers know when to bloom? How does the sun to know when to rise and set? God created it so that it does. Which is SO amazing!
We look around us and what do we see? The same things we see everyday. But shouldn't we see more then that? Shouldn't we look around and just not know what to think? God created the world so intricately. So creatively. Shouldn't we stop and realize how amazing it all is?
I want to challenge my self to not take it all for granted. I think our culture is so caught up with hurrying around with our lives. With getting everything done that needs to be done. But shouldn't we sometimes just take a breath and thank the Lord for giving us the beauty of nature? I want to take time and 'smell the roses'. At least just once in a while. The Lord put so so much thought into creation...and I'm so so glad he did.
I want to really look for the beauty that is every where. It's truly amazing!!


Bailey said...

That is sooo true! I think your right. . . that we do take things for granted and don't even . . i dont know, think about them!
God created for us a beautiful home, and we need to take advantage of it!
Luv Ya!

Aubrey said...

God made the world so amazing. It is too bad that we don't seem to really understand just how truly amazing and wonderful the world and God are!

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