Thursday, May 20, 2010

100 random yet, awesome things about me-part 1

Hola! Happy Friday everyone! Anyway, I saw this post on someone else's blog and it had 100 random things about her on it, and I thought it would be totally fun to do for my blog. Ok, let's see if i can actually come up with 100...=)

  1. I own over 90 lip glosses. I guess with that many, I must have well glossed lips! LOL!

  2. I've been taking piano lessons for 5 years. I LOVE it!

  3. I'm obsessed with checking my email. I do it far to much.

  4. I finished my science coarse yesterday. YAY!!! That means I'm done with everything in school except for math...annoying math...oh that gives me another idea...

  5. I DO NOT like math!

  6. I've played soft ball for two years, this year will be my third and I am so excited for it to start!

  7. Lately almost everyday, I've been saying "I am so excited for Summer!"

  8. I LOVE the game Apples to's especially fun to play it with my brothers' friends...I know weird, but they make me laugh SO hard.

  9. I've walked on a real volcano

  10. My dad recently got rid of cable and it's not as bad as I thought it would be! Shocking!

  11. I'm going to a school called College pathways next year! I think it's going to be so cool! If I'm still doing College Pathways, when I'm in high school, I could graduate with an associates degree! AWESOME!

  12. I got my second sunburn last talk about painful!

  13. I really need to clean my room....and I mean BADLY!

  14. I love listening to the news on the radio in the morning.

  15. My toe nails are painted a coral pink

  16. My finger nails are painted purple

  17. I am so excited to see one of my besties preform in her school play tomorrow! They're doing 'Alice in Wonderland' and she's Alice! She's going to be so fabulous!

  18. One of my many life-long dreams is to travel to Paris

  19. I call my sister my best friend, even though she's only three. I love her so much!

  20. I absolutely positively LOVE our church. It is beyond AWESOME!!!

  21. In fifth grade I did a six page report on "The history of the Wedding Dress"...that was the best school assignment EVER!!!

  22. This year, in sixth grade, I did a 5 page report on The history of the Olympics

  23. In fourth grade, I did a 7 page report on Florence Nightingale....clearly see is the easiest to write on...=)

  24. I'm not really sure what I want to do when I grow up...which I think is sorta weird, I mean most kids have it figured out...but I'm not really that sure...any ideas?

  25. I absolutely despise overalls....I guess they're sort of ok, on little kids, but like on older kids and *shudder* adults....EW.

  26. The longest I've ever been away from my parents, was when they went to China, to get Moriah...which was almost 3 weeks.

  27. Last night at dinner in my bowl of fruit salad I found a straw berry that was shaped like a heart!! I took a pic. of it...I'll have to show you some time!

  28. I'm really sore form working out on the wii fit plus yesterday, that thing can give you a work out let me just tell ya!

  29. I'm really having trouble coming up with these! Could you tell?

  30. This morning I had this really good granola, that my mom made!! I LOVE her granola!

  31. I have three really awesome grandmas! Three? You ask...yes three! How awesome is that?

  32. I have um......around 40 cousins on my mom's side of the family. Of course, that's including second cousins....but still a lot!

  33. I LOVE girl scout thin things EVER!! Especially if you freeze theme and then eat them cold! Goodness!
  34. I have never bean out of the US
  35. I'm not sure weather I am a morning person of a night owl
  36. My mom just told me to write and I quote "My mom wears her pants too high, but she likes it that way." (THAT'S what I call random!!)
  37. I have two middle names. And it REALLY annoys me when people think it's all one. It's Jo (SPACE) Anne! Not Joanne! Oh and Anne with an E. Plain anne is just way too boring!=)
  38. I have never broken a bone...but I have had x-rays....but they were for my make sure I didn't have pneumonia. I didn't. It was bronchitis....
  39. I have been to both Disney world and Disney land. Disney world when I was 3 months old, and Disney land, when I was 9....I also had bronchitis while we were there. YUCK!
  40. I can't wait till the day I get Married and have kids
  41. The best gift I have ever been given is salvation!
  42. The most embarrassing that has ever happened to me...was on the fist day of fifth grade...I almost walked to the boys bathroom...I was inches away from walking right into in it, when my teacher yelled, "you might want to use the other one!" I took her advise. (Actually that's not the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me...the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me is so embarrassing I'm not even going to tell it to you!! =)
  43. My ears have been pierced for 2 years. I got them pierced on my 10th birthday. I cried when they did it...but hey it hurt. I had a right!
  44. If my shoes could talk I think they would say that I desperately need to buy some Summer shoes! I agree with them!
  45. I absolutely hate gym class!
  46. I can not leave home with out my purse
  47. My favorite Ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip
  48. My pet peeve is....Well, i have a ton, so it wouldn't be fair to pick just one!
  49. If I were stranded on a desert island, three things I would love to have with me, my purse, and someone to save me!!
  50. The car I would like to drive someday....I would LOVE to drive one of those pink ones they give you when you sell enough Mary Kay...But I don't want to sell Mary Kay. Maybe they sell those cars on eBay..?
Well, that's all I can think of today...come back next time for another installment of......100 random yet, awesome things about me!


Aubrey said...

Wow, I wonder if I could think of 100 random things about myself...I wonder if I could even come up with 50. . . .IDk!! Did you put "I have lived in 5 different states??" I didn't see it. .. . I think that my favorite random thing is number 49. That is so like you... really, I mean, you purse, food(which makes sense), and someone to save you?? That is sooooo funny!!

Aubrey said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love your pix!! You were sooo cute as a little girl. . .
~Aubrey =)

Bailey said...

hey K!
random random random! LOL! I can soooo see you driving one of those cars! LOL! I thought they were all great! those pics we also really cute!
luv ya!

Bailey said...

oh ya. . . the best gift you have ever gotten is salvation. . . . you should check that. . .LOL

Kimberly said...

OML B, I totally didn't see that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe i put GIVEN, not GOTTEN. Prof reading anyone? LOL

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