Friday, November 11, 2011

seize the day

I was sitting in my room not very long ago, just thinking. Pondering life, school, friends. Everything has been so busy--between school, church, things with friends, and a lot of adoption related things. I've become so lost in the day-to-day of everyday life, that I forget to take joy in the little things. Sometimes I want, so badly, to have something new and exciting to do or experience. But that made me think--how many times in our lives do we just forget to be thankful for the little things in life? I find it happening a lot on my own life--I tend to focus on the bigger things, especially school without stopping to savor the small sweet moments of life. I need to cherish the special moments like...

-reading books to younger siblings
-having tea with a good friend
-sitting outside watching the sun go down as the sky turns from a blue, to a deep pink to a dark black
-watching the snow flakes of the first snow fall to the ground ever so softly
-sitting in bed at night with a good book
-the smell of fresh pumpkin bread baking
-finding a new song and completely falling in love with it
-a hug from a friend
-laughter filling the house

Life is so beautiful, I truly want to learn to seize the day. To enjoy every moment, even if it's not that exciting or full of adventure, because we never know when something could be taken away. Often I become discouraged with the mundane moments we have in life. However if you stop, take a deep long breath and look around you, there are snippets of beautiful things. This life, though sometimes is void of excitement & activity, it is so full of little hidden joys. I want to seize the day and all the little joys hidden within.