Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm sitting outside in the dark, on the balcony where the ski lift comes flying by me. We're in the mountains at a condo for thanksgiving. It's beautiful. The sun just set behind the mountains far in the distance and you can see the moon emerging from it's hiding place. There is snow on the ground and the sound of nature is everywhere you turn. There is an outdoor skating rink not far from here and you can hear the children laughing and playing. I'm huddled in a blanket breathing everything in.

My grandma, grandpa and mother are in the kitchen preparing dinner. My father, brothers, and sister are glued to the television on this cold fall night. It's so magnificent--being in the mountains on the eve of thanksgiving. The air is brisk and chilly the trees are swaying ever so softly in the cold breeze. There are Christmas lights everywhere--on trees and on houses. I can't even begin to describe the scene. You can see, ever so faintly, stars in the sky making shapes in the blackness. Tomorrow is a day of thanksgiving--of being grateful for what the Lord has given us. And right now, I'm thankful for this very moment--to be here right now in the stillness of night as the world falls asleep.