Wednesday, August 24, 2011

scenes from a summer day.

"Do you know what the best part about doing tea parties out side is, Kimberly?" asked Moriah as she held her mason jar of iced tea in her hand.
"No, can you tell me?" I asked, curious to hear her answer.
"Being outside with my sister, and being able to laugh really loud. We can do that because we're outside. We should do this again soon!" She replied with a smile. She returned to her tea, and I smiled, agreeing with her.

 The weather was so absolutely perfect yesterday, that I couldn't help but want to spend time outside. Taking our lunch of crackers and cheese outside, Moriah and I spread out an old quilt and ate outside. We decided to make it a "tea party" by bringing our mason jars of iced tea with us.

I must admit, I love going to the pool. Whether it be sitting on the side of the pool working on my tan, or swimming with friends, I adore it. When I think Summer, I automatically think pool.

We munched on pasta salad for lunch, and when the day was drawing to a close, we got ice cream from the little snack bar.

How I love long Summer days! Before we know it, they'll be gone, but how I've enjoyed them! How has your Summer been? Do tell!